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Plott is Victorious at GPS

 Photo by Kerry Dale Photography
       GREENVILLE, SC -- The racing Saturday night will be remembered for more than one reason. To start the night, a new face made it to victory lane. Race fans were thrilled to see Kyle Plott make it in to victory lane for the first time at Greenville-Pickens Speedway this season. Before the second main could be run for the LMSC division, the night was cut short after a scary crash in the Charger division damaged the crossover gate.
    Kyle Plott, racing out of Marietta, Ga., was the class of the field in the first race at Greenville-Pickens Speedway Saturday night while Anthony Anders, who is in first place for the NASCAR Late-Model Stock division, found himself in an unusual position looking at the checkered flag with cars in front of him.
 Photo by Kerry Dale Photography
    Before the first race of the evening even started, there was a series of collisions as the late model field came around the fourth turn to take the green. Anders, who was starting 10th, suffered damage to his car, and was barely able to get out of the pits and onto the rear of the pack when the race did manage to get started.
    Anders wasted little time working his way through the field, and the last top-flight car he passed was Brandon Fox, who sits second in track championship points.
    But there was nothing Anders could do to catch Plott, the winner, and Dylan Hall, who finished second. Anders had spent time in the pits trying to get his front end realigned, and he was forced to put on a mismatched tire on the left front. With Anders in third, Brandon Fox was fourth and Jamie Altop took fifth.
   "I knew we had a good car tonight. It was a rocket," Plott said in Victory Lane. "We've been running up near the front, and I knew it was just a matter of time before we won. We were the top qualifier and had the pole, and we never had any trouble."
Photo by Kerry Dale Photography    The Charger main event ended the racing program with two laps remaining with an extremely frightening crash as Camden Frances and Danny Gilbert appeared to hook cars together and slammed full speed into the third-turn crossover gate. Everyone in attendance held their breath as they awaited news on Camden Frances' condition. Frances' car hit with the most force, but he was able to get out of the car and thankfully wasn't seriously injured.
    Mike Mote was leading the race, and Ryan Dombrosky was running in second. The third-turn gate was too damaged to open or close and the program could not continue with the gaping hole in the track. The remainder of the program was cancelled because of the damage to the gate as mother nature moved in with rains shortly thereafter.  
    Freddy Hale, Jr. was the winner in the Street Stock main event, as Buck Simmons took second and Travis Shelton was third. Bryan Benton and AJ Davis rounded out the top five.
    Greg Darnell took command of the Renegade race on the opening lap and just pulled out to practically win the race without competition. He had clear sailing the entire race. Brad Burns held a steady second, with Alex Guthrie finishing third. Parker Jameson was fourth and Bobby Emory was fifth.


    Shane Gentry was part of a daring move by three drivers on the last lap of the Pure Stock main, and managed to take the victory, with Jason McGrew second and Rob Horton in third. These three cars were side by side in the third and fourth turns. Eric Burgess was fourth and John Cordell took fifth.
     The second LMSC main and Four Cylinder FWD class were cancelled after the accident in the Charger class.

Photo by Kerry Dale Photography


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